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  • D and R Technology is specialized in cash handling equipment. Dedicated to handling the rapidly changing demands of today's high-tech world, D and R Technology was formed to respond to the demands of customers for high quality, reasonably priced cash handling products. The banknote acceptor DR2000 is our patented hi-tech product that is an ideal choice for transit auto ticket machine, parking ticket machine.

    We design and production of customized cash handling equipment and systems such as Ticket Vending Machine, foreign currency exchange kiosk, note to Coin and note to note Change Machine, Auto Payment System, Cash Deposit System, etc. We accept orders of special configuration from customers. Our goal is bring newest technology, best quality and reasonable prices to our customers.

    We also supply coin counter and sorter, note counter and sorter, coin weighing scale with top quality and affordable prices, they can serve all industries handling small to large volumes of coins and notes.

    We provide services and maintenance for our customers if they require an onsite maintnance agreement.